Extracted Unexpectedly

Daddy took me to the dentist because I have been in so much pain for over a week and he said he can’t stand seeing his princess in agony anymore. When I get back with the dentist, he announces that both of my teeth are loose! (I thought I saw they were loose, but I was hoping I was just hallucinating) My gums have been inflamed, swollen, and extremely tender. Turns out I was suffering from periodontal disease; where the gums recede too much and it causes the the teeth to become loose. 

Going in, I thought maybe I had an abscess that could be drained. If that wasn’t the issue, I didn’t have a problem yanking out one of my teeth if that’s what needed to be done. Suddenly, I’m being told I would have two teeth extracted. 

My little space is the one place I should feel most secure, but after having my mouth unexpectedly raped twice in one shot; I’m so insecure no matter what I do.