Who The Hell Am I? 

Geez, I’ve pondered over this question regularly, but especially when it comes time to fill out the about me section on any profile we have to set up these days. I’ve noticed most people leave it blank, or write a damn novel about themselves. I’m guilty of doing both of those things, lol. If you’ve read my about me section on here, I’ve promised at the end, I would get into the details of who I am. Mind you, I’ve only been discovering myself for about 4 months now, and it take a long time to uncover all the layers to get to the many facets of your identity. I believe I am like an onion because I have so many confusing layers, and I don’t know where to stop when I’ve reached the actual onion. Some of the layers are flaky, brittle, hard, easily fall apart, and to me it sounds a lot like my personality on a regular day. 

I love to read, but only on topics that I’m extremely interested in. Because of my personality, these topics can change on a dime. 

My lover and I have stepped out of our vanilla sex lifestyle, and we’re spicing things up. I’m still learning all the terminology and dynamics, so if I do make a mistake, please KINDLY correct me. 

Our dynamic has evolved into the dd/lg dynamic lifestyle and I love playing all the time. There’s a lot of definitions, opinions, and arguments over the labels as a little, middle, babygirl, and such. My solution to this was to pick the label I love, feel comfortable in, and wear it proudly for not only me, but daddy too! 

I’m a very unique individual, and I’m realizing that could be the reason why I have always had a hard time connecting with my peers. Now that I’ve changed my places to find friendship, I am seeing more sincere people. Real people who are interested in getting to know who you are. These people aren’t into gossip or back stabbing; they’re mature and experienced. It’s a breath of fresh air 😊  I would love nothing more than to find a lifelong friend; just friend. 


Part of finding out who I am, has been also been trying out a lot of new experiences. One of the things that really wanted to experiment with first was to be choked with a rope, or something like that. When I presented the idea to my lover, he was visually nervous, but he got up his nerve and grabbed his belt, wrapped it around my neck, and banged the bananas out of me! When it was all over, he apologized for leaving bruises on my neck, and my ears perked up, and I squealed with excitement! “Here’s my phone! I need pictures!” I giggled with delight. 

Beyond the average, vanilla sex, I really had no idea what kind of kinks, fetishes, and fantasies were available until my lover sent me on my own personal quest. I don’t remember how it found me, but I walked right into the little shop of kinks and fetishes. It was intriguing, exciting, confusing, frightening, and then I realized I had finally found my heaven….

No one, including myself would have ever guessed that a “little” freak resided within me. If anyone wants to spice up their sexuality, or explore something new, but can’t think of anything, I highly recommend FetLife. 

I’m very happy with myself and who I’ve become over the past few months, but I think Stephen may have an issue with the new me. I don’t know for sure because he won’t properly communicate with me, no matter how many times I ask, plead, and tell him that I’m open-minded. I even tell him before hand that I give him complete amnesty, and it’s still like pulling teeth! In these situations, I find it’s best to have a vanilla night, to reconnect on a different level. It’s definitely not like old times 😋