Babygirl Jessie & Daddy

I’ve learned that one of my favorite kinks is Age Play, and it’s not limited to the bedroom. I live it 24/7. It is the best feeling to escape when I need to or for play, I feel my adult self fading away because I prefer to be my little self. The best part is daddy loves it! He takes care of me when I don’t feel good. Rubs my tummy, when it’s upset. He tucks me into bed every night, and let’s me fall asleep watching my favorite cartoons, while he holds me in his arms. Daddy tells me he loves me all the time and he shows me how much he loves me too! I love daddy more than ANYTHING, and I would do anything to please him! 

I luv daddy’s kisses

I gave my stuffy a collar just for fun today and it’s so cute!