Frightened, Crushed, & Stabbed in the back AGAIN by a “friend”

I walked into the laundry room (to drop off a wet towel) and heard Colleen ranting and raving totally uncensored. Tears ran down my cheeks seconds later. The woman who swore to me she’d never talk about me behind my back was saying the meanest things about; not only me, but daddy too. 

“She had all day to take a shower!” Then, something about my timing being inappropriate. 

I don’t know why! It was 4:49 am. Everyone is always awake by 4/4:30 at the latest. 

Then, Michael speaks up, and I’m curious…

“I’m about to tell them to pack their shit and get out!” He distinctly said something about how long we shower. 

The worst came next: “I hate her! I hate her! I hate her! She keeps saying she’s going to marry him, and she’s just (either)

Stringing him along or along for the free ride! 

I did end up confronting her after listening to everyone bash the man I love, and myself over 3 hours later! Then, she had the audacity to call me crazy! I know what I heard. I’m not stupid!